Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children what they have learned and experienced in Ballroom at School, helping them reflect the skills they've learned and how they can be applied throughout their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What will my child be learning in Ballroom at School?

Over the coming weeks, the Ballroom at School instructors will give your child an exciting, fast-paced introduction to the world of ballroom dance, a set of partner dances enjoyed by millions of people around the world today as a social activity, as performance, and competitively in what is known as dancesport.

For some students, Ballroom at School will be a start of a lifelong love of dancing as a skill that they can develop and a great way to socialize and be physically active. For them, the basic dance skills they learn in Ballroom at School will provide a great foundation for them to build on as they continue to learn.

But whether or not your child continues dancing, they will benefit from Ballroom at School, because the program is about far more than just ballroom dancing.

Learning dance will help build your child's self-confidence and self-esteem through the development of self-discipline and self-respect that the process of learning ballroom dance encourages.

Learning dance will teach them cooperation and communication skills. The poise and manners required for ballroom dancing will give them a framework to confidently interact with others as they mature into young adults.

Learning dance encourages the development of better movement and coordination skills, not to mention good posture. It's been said that you can always tell who the ballroom dancers are when you're walking down the street!

Finally, learning the skill of dancing teaches your child about learning to learn. Through the instruction your child will see the beginnings of developing a new skill and how that puts them on the road to mastery. They will see how learning develops over time through practice and proper rest, during which time the brain continues to consolidate what it has learned so things come more easily in the next lesson. This understanding of learning can be applied to practically any subject, encouraging confidence and persistence when things aren't understood right away.